Over the years many people have shared with us how AT Consulting makes a difference in their lives and their businesses. Please see a sample of our favorites below.


As a participant in the Profit Formula Weekend, I experienced clarity, breakthroughs, and a strong commitment to action that I am confident will powerfully impact my business and my results.  I highly rae annerecommend it for entrepreneurs who need guidance and direction in their sales and marketing process!
Rae-ann Wood-Schatz www.raeannwoodschatz.com


I have been trying to find a way to grow my business and sort through the copious amounts of creative, technical, and sales ideas.  The 3 day Profit Formula put a system in place to take all these things and put them in to play so they make sense.  I now have a clear idea how to put action to my ideas and take my business to the next level and beyond.  Thank you, Trish & Ranchelle! karen
Karen Sievwright www.KarenSievwright.com

Ranchelle and Trish completely re-inspired me to identify the weak links in my business so that it can move forward successfully.
Ravidass, Swan | City Yoga www.swancityyoga.ca


The mentorship of Ranchelle and Tricia is bar none.  I have spent time with a lot of business and mindset coaches, but their specific focus on trans”actional” leadership style is revolutionizing the way my business is growing.create the ripple logo
Candice Smiley | Create the Ripple Events http://www.createtherippleevents.com/

Trish and Ranchelle are a couple of the smartest women I’ve ever met!  The Profit Formula masterclass was mind blowing – they took things I learned from a B. Com and personal experience and made it real and relevant.  I am excited to continue working with them and kicking ass in my business!pheonix
Theresa Stanley | Phoenix Taekwon-do Club www.phoenixtaekwon-do.ca


Thanks for a beautiful weekend that helped me realize I have everything it takes to make marketing work for me and create sales strategies that I can follow through on while feeling authentic.  They helped me rediscover the possibilities of my dreams.
Lisa Borin www.LisaBorin.com


Attending the Profit Formula gave me the opportunity to step outside of my business to regain focus needed to move Bra Necessities upward.
Without taking the time away, the constant distractions and daily tasks prohibit the ability to concentrate on “the big picture”.
Thank you for bringing me back to thirty thousand feet!Bra-Necessaties-Log-Silver-Grey-1
Kim Turre | Bra Necessities www.branecessities.net

Wow what a fantastic weekend!  As always, Ranchelle & Trish filled our minds with ideas and tools to grow our business to the next level.  These two ladies never cease to amaze me in the wealth of knowledge they have and are so willing to share.Bra-Necessaties-Log-Silver-Grey-1
Connie Turre | Bra Necessities www.branecessities.net

I came into this weekend feeling very disconnected with my business and with people in general.  I thought that it was bad timing to do this business weekend with everything that was going on in my personal life.  Not only did the Profit Formula weekend give me clarity and useful tools that helped me reconnect with my business and my goals, but the people connection here was beyond my expectations – amazing.  I cannot express enough my appreciation for the authentic energy, love, and enthusiasm that radiate from Ranchelle and Tricia.  They are the real deal and I feel like my business and needs would be in the absolute best hands with both of these awesome, beautiful women.  Thank you for igniting my love for what I do again and giving me a clear direction to move in.  Much love!  You ladies rock!krista
Krista Zaft www.KristaZaft.com



Alexander-Twomey Small Business Coaching & Consulting has helped regain our focus in many aspects of our business. This dynamic duo has made me realize the vital importance of developing a consistent brand, building a well thought-out strategic marketing plan, and building relationships with our clients, peers and community. Their individual experiences in the business world have been combined creating this powerhouse partnership able to change the direction of a business from being a small, locally owned business into an enterprise with limitless potential.
Kim Turre Bra Necessities http://www.branecessities.net/Bra-Necessaties-Log-Silver-Grey-1


Ranchelle Alexander is a knowledgeable and gifted professional. As a Certified Master Coach with Fowler Wainwright International, Ranchelle has developed and delivered meaningful, practical and valuable marketing courses, seminars and coaching to community of graduates.fia
Berry Fowler, Founder of Sylvan Learning Centers and
CEO of Fowler Wainwright International http://www.fiacoaching.com/

I recently attended a social media workshop facilitated by Alexander.Twomey Small Business Consulting.
Having already been to similar sessions, I was expecting an overview of how to use various social media. Alexander.Twomey delivered this and much more. The practical, hands-on approach provided participants with an effective ‘tool kit’ that positions social media as building blocks for developing and executing a marketing strategy. By first focusing on the effectiveness of social media in general, and then of each social medium in particular, Alexander.Twomey offered many strategic options for putting social media to work in a timely fashion for small businesses and non-profits alike.
McCarroll, PhD, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Camrose http://habitatcamrose.com/Habitat


I participated in a group coaching session facilitated by Ranchelle and her partner Trish. Ranchelle has broadened my horizons in Social Media Marketing for the Small Business. I can’t thank her enough for her expertise, patience and willingness to understand my needs. She challenged me to improve my skills and really motivated me to conquer the social media marketing for my business.cora
Cora Fickinger, Life|Work Coach at Aunt Cora’s Kitchen http://www.auntcoraskitchen.com/


Attending the Social Media Marketing for Small Business session by Alexander-Twomey Small Business Coaching & Consulting…Wow! Such great info. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking how to update their marketing strategies!
Deborah Thompson | From Kicks To Kids Maternity & Children’s Boutique http://www.fromkickstokids.com/store/from-Kicks-to-Kids-logo-1


Just the other day, I spoke with a friend of mine about some marketing issues and the first person I recommended was Ranchelle Alexander. I told him that when it comes to innovative ideas, individual attention, authenticity, constructive criticism and strategic support, Ranchelle Is the one I would recommend.dbl
Dr. Heilke Jung, DBL Coaching http://www.dblcoaching.com/

It has been my distinct privilege to have been in classes taught by Ranchelle Alexander, as well as having had her as a life coach. In both regards, I found her expertise to be vast, and I appreciated her professionalism, warmth, and integrity. I found myself truly looking forward to all sessions with her.
As both a teacher and a coach, Ranchelle is extremely positive and encouraging. She is also a skilled listener, who not only allows her students to express themselves freely, but helps them create and attain goals that are challenging and rewarding. There is a spirit about Ranchelle that inspires her students to move forward and feel confident, propelled not only by her expertise, but her enthusiasm. She is nurturing, but firm, and celebrates with her students when they are successful, with a joy that comes only from one who is a natural teacher. I wholeheartedly recommend Ranchelle for any type of teaching or coaching position she may seek. She is truly excellent and inspiring.  niki
Nikki Burgett, Certified Life Coach http://www.life-journey.com/

Ranchelle & Trish, I’m shouting out my Huge Thank You to you both for sharing some of your marketing wisdom wealth with me. Your marketing tips have given me a new perspective for how I can write better posts, email, ads…. Many business owners could benefit from your cutting edge marketing tips!  tuned in
Keri Vandongen  http://tunedinparents.com/


Ranchelle & Trish delivered a light-hearted entertaining 20 minute inspiring talk on How to Motivate Yourself & Others at our Women in Business conference BizBrigade:  Cultivate Your Success II in Edmonton on Friday, February 21, 2014.
There were over 100 women in business who listened and laughed as this comedic duo presented a fast-paced, attention grabbing, motivational talk that targeted specific strategies for women to grow their business by getting clear on their “why”.
They were friendly and engaging with the audience before and after their formal stage presentation.
They both added to the energy in the room which I, as one of the organizers, deeply appreciated.  We look forward to have them return to another BizBrigade in the future.shirley
Shirley Borrelli, B.Ed., Executive Board Member, CAPS Edmonton Chapter, Co-host BizBrigade, co-founder http://www.shirleyborrelli.com/

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