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Task lists are a way of organizing your tasks into groups according to the criteria that matters to you. Task lists can hold any number of tasks and can be named whatever you want. For example, one task list could be for marketing and any tasks added to that task list would be for the marketing team. While using the task list function can be as simple as marking off each task as you complete it, it’s also very powerful, with a number of options which we will take a look at next.

Creating a task list within a project

Click the Tasks tab (next to Overview)

  • Click Add Task List (green button top right)
  • Give your task list a name
  • Select any privacy options (who can view the task list), milestones you wish to attach the task list to, or click Advanced to use a previously saved template or set up defaults for new tasks
  • Click Add this Task List once you’re good to go

new task list


Adding a task (and task options)

  • To add a task to a task list click Add a Task (located at the bottom of each task list)
  • Give your task a title in the What Needs to be Done box
  • Select who should do the task; if it’s more than one person, click multiple people and select all the relevant users

adding a task

Additional task options include:

  • Set a Start Date and Due Date
  • Add a detailed description to the task by clicking the description button description button.jpg
  • Clicking the attachment button attachement button.jpg allows you to attach files to the task by uploading them or select files already uploaded to that Teamwork project.
  • Click the padlock icon padlock.jpg to make the task and any attached files or comments visible only to the users you select.
  • Select the priority button priority button.jpg to choose a priority level: Low, Medium or High
  • By clicking the Progress & Time button progress and time button.jpgyou can mark your progress via percentage, and you (or another user / manager) can also estimate how long it should take to do the task
  • The Followers button followers button.jpg allows you to add followers to the task who can be notified of all notifications, only status changes or only comments added to the task
  • The Dependencies button allows you to create a dependent task that must be marked complete before the current task (the one you’re editing) can be marked as complete. Click Select Tasks and click on which task you want as a dependent
  • The Repeats button repeats.jpg allows you to repeat a task (once you’ve added a due date) in various ways, from daily, to monthly or even on selected dates
  • Finally, and this isn’t optional at all, don’t forget to click Save my Changes

Extra task options
Once you’ve created your task, extra options now become available when you hover the mouse over the task name. Some of these will be familiar to you already, with icons like Priority, Followers and Progress. But there are new ones too:

Subtasks subtasks button.jpg
Clicking the Subtask button allows you to create a subtask for a task. For example, your task could be (and we’ll really simplify this) “Do accounts”. Subtasks for this could be invoicing, purchase orders, wages etc.

Log Time logtime button.jpg
Hovering the mouse over Log Time allows you to either start the timer (more on this later) or log time directly for that task. Clicking Log Time gives you a popup box where you can select the date, your start time and end time. Selecting a start and end time will automatically fill in the Time Spent box, or if you just select the end time and input how many hours and minutes you’ve worked, then Teamwork creates the start time automatically. If this time is billable, ensure the billable box is ticked (so you get paid).

Reminder reminder button.jpg
We’re all forgetful from time to time, so you can set a reminder that will either email you or send you an SMS at a date and time of your choosing. You can set the reminder for yourself or for other users. Click Add Reminder and you’re good to go.

Commentscomments button.jpg
Click this and leave comments on the particular task; your colleagues can also do the same. This is useful to get a conversation going about a particular task. You also have the option to make comments private, attach a file and notify users by email.

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