The Business AcceleratorⓇ June 30th, 2016

Marketing Funnel

Your business needs a steady influx of new prospects in order to be successful. The good news is that your customers are out there looking for you! Your marketing funnel is the process by which strangers get to know you and your business.

You don’t buy a car before doing some major research, and neither do your customers. Wouldn’t you like to have a map that defines each stage of your prospects journey?

Successful marketers drive new clients to their business each and every day. This month our training will be on create your marketing funnel.

Key Learning Points:

  • Who is your Ideal Customer and how you attract them?
  • Why narrow is better?
  • How to think like a buyer – not a seller
  • How do you drive traffic?

Be Prepared to:
Create Strategies to get New Leads Every Day (Advertising, Promotion, Networking, PR)


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