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YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising campaigns are driving brand impact. On average 94% of Google Preferred ads saw an increase in brand awareness (as measured by ad recall). 64% measured an increase in brand interest (as measured by an increase in organic searches).     Curious About Running YouTube Ads? Here are the different types you can choose […]

Facebook Making More Changes

With the recent changes to organic search on Facebook, businesses are flocking towards paid advertising and for good reason – it works! Recently Facebook announced that their ads on the right hand side will get a new look.  We know for our clients, that the click through rate on the right hand side is usually […]

Social Media Tips For Business Owners

Social Media Tips For Business Owners. Tip Number 3:  How to Create Content for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign. One of the mistakes that Trish and I see business owners make is signing up for Facebook or Twitter and then really not knowing what they are supposed to do afterwards.  Twitter, often referred to as […]

Social Media Tips For Business

Social Media Tips For Business Social Media Tip Number Two:  Create the Right Profile Once you have decided what social media  platforms to participate in, the next social media tip we have for you  is to make sure that you create the right profile. What do we mean by that?  Well, when it comes to on-line […]

How To Build Successful Social Media Campaigns

Tips on How To Create Successful Social Media Campaigns. Here are 2 key points on how to build a successful social media campaign for your business, whether you are an entrepreneur, coach or consultant. Campaign, as a noun, is defined as: a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose.  There are 2 key […]

8 Social Media Myths That Might Stop You From Taking Your First Steps

  8 Social Media Myths That Might Stop You.       Don’t let these 8 Social Media Myths stop you. Social Media is time consuming Social Media is a waste of time Only young people use Facebook and Twitter To be successful one has to ‘tweet’ all the time I live in a small […]

Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners

Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners  Social Media Tip Number One:  Take One Step At A Time Social Media can resemble a big, scary monster and is something that we, as business owners, want to shy away from and put our head under the covers.  The fact is, Social Media is here to stay.  […]

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