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5 Key Tips Your Competitor Doesn’t Know

While Others Struggle, Discover How Your Business Can Prosper I love this!  One of my mentors sent me an email with this headline and I just had to share it with you: If you are struggling with your advertising and aren’t sure that it’s working, then here are some great tips: Use the same media […]

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising campaigns are driving brand impact. On average 94% of Google Preferred ads saw an increase in brand awareness (as measured by ad recall). 64% measured an increase in brand interest (as measured by an increase in organic searches).     Curious About Running YouTube Ads? Here are the different types you can choose […]

Facebook Making More Changes

With the recent changes to organic search on Facebook, businesses are flocking towards paid advertising and for good reason – it works! Recently Facebook announced that their ads on the right hand side will get a new look.  We know for our clients, that the click through rate on the right hand side is usually […]

Is Newspaper Advertising Dead?

Marketing tips for small business. Have you heard that newspaper advertising is dead?  I have.  And I disagree, strongly.  HOW and WHAT  we advertise in the newspaper needs to be different than before.  Gone are the days when we can place an ‘ad’ in the paper and your phone won’t stop ringing (or your till). […]

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