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It happens to us all…

We’ve all been there.  Spent money on this and that – coaches, trainers, mentors, branding experts, marketing gurus – only to see the same old same old rehashed dishes served up with more sauce to freshen it up.  Any way you slice it, it’s still recycled and without the solutions. Don’t get me wrong leftovers […]

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5 Real Benefits Your Business Will Get With Customer Service Training Courses

Customer Service is Key!  Like all aspects of your business, Customer Service plays a key role.  Training is vital to the resiliency of your Company.   1.  Increase Sales “Many business leaders think that customer service and sales are actually different departments and have no relationship – in reality the sales and service should never be […]

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Is optimism is the enemy of action?

Contributing Blogger:   Dennis Dey, MSc, Agricultural Economist “While being upbeat and optimistic clearly isn’t the worst thing we can do for ourselves, it seems like it’s not exactly spurring behavior change, either.”  ~Maggie Puniewska Positive thinking alone may not be sufficient to changing our behaviour.   The Harvard Business Review article “Optimism Is the Enemy […]

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