How To Generate Even More Sales Next Year

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Reveals How To Generate
Even More Sales Next Year

3 Simple Steps
To Increase Your Sales

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Right now most businesses are experiencing some sort of lack of sales or revenue in their business.  Even if they are doing ‘well’, they want to do ‘better’.  

According to Fortune Magazine that stated that 9 out of 10 startups fail.  A recent Industry Canada study concluded that 30 per cent of small businesses won’t survive longer than two years, and only half make it to five years. This is due to a multitude of problems.  First, attracting new customers or clients can be difficult to get.  Second, there seems to be a lot of information out there about how to use Social Media to ‘get’ clients and it’s not as easy as it sounds.  Third, what business owners used to do to attract more customers doesn’t seem to be working.  

If you are like most businesses you have recently noticed a dramatic decrease in your sales.  This is because trusted sources of advertising have stopped working.  Most store front businesses have relied on traditional methods like newspaper, radio, TV, and the yellow page ads to attract new clients.  

Consultants, Coaches and the like have used traditional ‘word of mouth’ to attract new clients.   

Most recently owners, regardless of their business,  have switched to the internet to build their business, using Facebook, trying to be on Page #1 of Google or have a website that doesn’t actually do anything FOR their business.  These are just a few tactics that we see owners trying to use,  BUT TO NO AVAIL.  

The result:  Frustration on your part, confusion about what works and what doesn’t work and thousands of lost dollars and  hours and hours of time doing something that doesn’t work to increase your revenues in your business.  

Despite the frustration and confusion there are some business owners who are earning more revenues (regardless of what’s happening in the economy).

No matter where your business is located, or what business you are in you can create even more revenue using the techniques that I am going to share with you in this book.

Imagine what your business would like if you could increase your sales by 10 – 30% monthly, with an overall increase of 100 – 300%?    This is exactly what I did in my very own ‘store front’ business.  I then shared these very same tactics with many, many business owners.  Now, the truth is, not everyone had the same exponential growth that I did.  However, they all experienced growth.   Even if you increased your yearly sales by 30%, how would that change your business?  

Every day your ideal client is looking for your type of business or service on the Internet.  Your ideal client is out there.  Looking for you.  The question is, can they find you?  

So, on that note…

If you would like to increase your sales in your business, I have some information to share with you.

But First…

Before we go any further, let me make something very clear.  What I am about to share with you is NOT exactly rocket science.  When you start to read it what I have to share will actually ‘make sense’.  In fact, you may have even heard one or two things before.

What will be different is the combination that I present to you AND the pointing out the mistakes that most businesses do in their efforts to create more sales.

The system I outline in this book has always worked great for me, for my clients and I believe it can help you too.  

I am not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who reads it will increase their sales. 

I don’t know how much the people will read it will make – it’s likely that many or most who read it will make little or nothing at all – especially if they cut corners and don’t do all of it.  After all, there is some work and effort that is going to have to be in place.  

With that being said, let me jump right in and show you


First of all this isn’t like any white paper or fancy research paper that you have read.  There is not fluff or filler- just tried and trued tactics that are working right now.  

And, this is an easy read.  

You can read it in one sitting.  You also will immediately get what I am saying and be able to start thinking about your sales in your business in a completely different way.    

I have personally used this to build the 8 Curves for Women Franchises that I owned and the system can be applied to any business or profession.   

Creating a successful business takes a plan.  Anyone who has a successful business knows that.  Anyone who wants to create a successful business knows that a plan should be in place.  

Many financial institutions tell us we need a “business plan”.  A formal, well written plan that will allow you to get funding from the bank.

The Truth is that very few business owners actually review and use their bank “Business Plan” and if you never needed a loan to start your business, chances are you don’t even have a business plan.

What I am suggesting is SO MUCH MORE than your stereotypical “Business Plan”!  It’s a PROFIT PLAN.  It’s called :


I have a business that is BOTH a consulting business AND a sales and marketing agency.  No matter what business we work with, we apply this plan and it works on increasing their revenue.

Why?  Because the Profit Formula is based on systems and process.  

This is great news for you because you can take the same systems in this book to sell all kind of products and services; YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

For example, I used this to build 8 Curves for Women Franchises.  It’s been used to increase the sales in store front business, professional services like Dentists and Chiropractic offices, Medical Spa’s and even Direct Sales Businesses and Home Based businesses.  

So, without further delay, here is YOUR PROFIT FORMULA.

The Profit Formula is a 3 Step Process we Implement and when you tie it together with your marketing plan, your business world will change.

Step #1.  Attract New Clients

This is an OBVIOUS statement I know.  Everyone knows that in order to increase your sales you need MORE clients or customers.  The issue that every business faces and I mean EVERY business is the HOW.  

How do you attract new clients? THE HOW makes all of the difference.

Clients come to me with two different stories.

  1. They have been trying to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   OR
  2. They have tried one thing, moved to the next, done the next, then the next and the next …….and really have no idea what is working in their business or not.

Do you share one of those stories?  Are you experiencing something similar?

So, HOW do you attract new business?  New Customers?  

What measurable steps are you implementing to attract more customers?  Are your efforts enough?  Do you want more?

Here is ONE thing you can do right now in your business to attract more new clients.

Look at your client base now, think in general terms….

  • What is the average age?  
  • More women or men?  
  • What do they have in common?  
    • Common interests?  
    • Common mentors?
    • Common psycho graphics?  

Although you COULD create a marketing plan for EVERYONE, it is not effective.  For example, men and women are attracted to different colors, different language, different style of font.  Millennials are attracted to something different than Baby Boomers….  

See where I am going with this.

In order for you to ATTRACT new customers you have to speak their same language.  Be approachable, be liked and respected.  

How do you do that?  

You do that by having the right kind of Advertising.  The right kind meaning you are talking specifically to your audience with the right type of:

  • Headline
  • Sub Headline,
  • image and
  • content of your advertising.  

Your content must contain what is referred to as BENEFIT statements and not FEATURES.  

Next challenge you have to face is WHERE to advertise.

Your choices of where are endless.   Free.  Paid.  Online.  Traditional newspaper, radio.  Outdoor Advertising and much much more.  

If I was sitting beside you and wanted to attract more new clients here is what I would tell you.

  1. Figure out your demographics and psychographics.
  2. Research where your audience spends time.  What do they read, listen to, do in their spare time.  
  3. Think of 3 reasons WHY they should buy your product or service.
  4. Think of 3 reasons they DON’T buy your product or service.  
  5. Be aware of all the research they will do online before they buy from you.  
  6. Write down your Top 3 Competitors.
  7. Do an in depth analysis of your competition.
  8. Write down your Differentiation factor.
  9. Write down what problem you are solving.
  10. Write down what your solution or solutions you are solving for your client or customer.

Why do you need to do all of this before you create an advertisement?   The answer can be found in my favourite quote:  

People don’t buy a drill, they buy a hole in the wall.

In other words, they don’t lay in bed at night and lament on having to buy a drill, what’s keeping them up at night is they need a darn hole in the wall ….  You know what I mean?  

Here is a simple and funny kind of example.   After I received my coaching certification, I became a weight loss coach.   Working with overweight and obese women has always been a passion of mine.  Not ONCE did my clients lay in bed at night and say, “Oh my, my life would be so much better if I had the MOST INCREDIBLE weight loss coach”.  

NOPE – what kept them up at night was their sorrow, their fears, their desire to lose weight, to be healthier, to be more fit, to have more flexibility, to re-engage in intimacy….  

When you figure out WHAT IS KEEPING your customer or client awake at night, you will create the most amazing marketing materials to promote your business.  

WHY is that?  Because you are finally starting to think like a buyer and not like a seller.

Once you have the right message and you are advertising where your people are, magic happens.  

Think about it…

Let’s say on average you have a TOTAL of 100 new customers or clients per month.  If you decided you wanted to increase your NUMBER of new customers by 10% then your objective of your advertising would be to bring in X NUMBER OF new clients in order for you to have 10 new paying clients.  (Remember that not everyone who calls you or walks your front door will buy from you so you need to aim higher than 10.  Your goal would be to ‘close’ 10% more).   

Imagine what your business would be like if you had 10% more (in this example), 10 more NEW clients or customers EVERY month!!

You will increase the number of new clients if you create advertising that works even better than what is working for you.  

STEP #2:  Increase Your Average Sale

Have you ever heard the words, “Would you like that Supersized?”  

Have you been to a fast food restaurant lately where you order a salad and they ask you if you want to make it a meal?  


Think about it.  If, on average, you have 25 customers OR Invoices a day and they give you $10 more, than you have just increased your average daily sales by TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS a DAY MORE.

Two hundred and fifty dollars  PER DAY times 30 days (there are 30 days in a month)  is SEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE per month.  

$7,500 per month times 12 is……

$90,000 more PER YEAR.  

This is example is if you increase your average sale by $10 per transaction…….  

What would you do with $90,000 MORE per year?

How would this change your life?  Your business?

Would you expand your business?  Take more holidays with your family?  Open another location?  

This example is a SIMPLE example what could be different when you apply this part of the formula to your business.

Here is how you can you apply this to your business.

Take the number of Invoices or customers you have per month (or day).  

Think about all the different ways you can increase your average sale and what that number might be.  

Follow the formula.  

Invoices x Existing Average Sale =  __________________

Invoices x NEW projected Average Sale = ________________.

Now, here is the SECRET to increasing your sales.  

It’s simple.

You must have a sales strategy in place and a SALES TRAINING strategy in place.

Unfortunately you aren’t going to be able to have a quick staff meeting and say to your Team, “Hey – we are going to increase our average sale by X amount of dollars starting tomorrow and then simply walk away from them.”  Unless, of course, you are a solo-preneur and are doing everything on your own in your business.  Then it will be a quick staff meeting 😮

The first and most important step in this is finding out where your average invoice is right now  and think about where you want it to be.

The second step is to brainstorm on what products or services can help make that happen.

The third step is to create a Sales Strategy to train your Team.  Remember that although your Team is wonderful they will not have the desire to increase your sales because you want to increase your revenue.

Even if more revenue meant bonuses, raises, more time off, etc.  

One thing I know for sure is that when you can explain, without a doubt, that by adding additional services or products is GOOD FOR YOUR CUSTOMER than your team will bend over backwards to help your customers.  

Step #3:  Increasing The Lifetime Value or Annual Spend of your Customer.

We define the Lifetime Value of your clients by measuring how long they stay as clients.  We also look at how often they shop with you.   

Depending on your business, we measure different things.

For simplicity sake in the written word, let’s look at an example where we look at the annual spend of a customer.


Let’s say that this business has an average sale of $100.  

Let’s say that we find out that their client has an annual spend of approximately $500 and for simple math we would then assume that customer purchased from that business on 5 separate occasions.  

What if you could create a marketing campaign that would have that ONE individual come in 6 times….. That would mean that their annual spend becomes $600.  

What if the database showed that 700 people purchased and they all purchased 5 times a year…..  And each time they spent $100.  

700 people x  5 times a year = 3500 purchases.  

Following me so far?  

3500 purchases x $100 (this is their average sale) = $350,000 per year in income.


700 people came in 6 times a year (I know that not everyone will come in but just follow me).  

700 x 6 = 4,200 purchases.  if  our average sale is still $100 then the total sales are……

$420,000  per year.  

THAT ONE simple thing could increase sales
by almost 20%  

AND if you applied the simple formula of increasing the average sale from $100 to $110 (using Step 1) then the craziest thing happens….

Ready.  700 people x 6 = 4,200 purchases.  

4,200 x $110 = $462,000.  

So, the annual revenue went from $350,000 to $462,000 based on implementing  only 2 of the 3 strategies!!

Okay, so now that the math is over.  The question is HOW.?

HOW will you do that?

There is a process that we use and I am going to share it with you.

  1. Know that the reasons why people come back to see you are different than why they sought you out the first time.
  2. Know that the advertising you use to attract new needs to be different than to have people come back more often.
  3. Know that ‘loyalty’ programs although in theory are designed to help customers return WILL NEVER ENSURE that they remain loyal to you.

So the HOW is about creating long, sustainable, ongoing relationship with your customers.

You do that by creating a long term marketing strategy to build relationship with them so that when they are ready to purchase again you are the first business that comes to their mind.

This relationship is created through a commitment to a strategic content marketing strategy.  In real words what I mean by that is a specific Social strategy using the correct platform (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIN) and then creating a relationship.  This is also about setting up an amazing relationship building email strategy that has NOTHING do with spamming people, it’s about adding value AND best of all….It’s all automated!  

This relationship cannot be one sided.  It needs to be about your customer, not about you or your business.  And you may think that all they want to know is what you have on special or sale, the fact is they really don’t.  Not long term.  

Imagine going in a first date with someone and all they talk about is themselves.  How would you feel?  Bored?  Annoyed?  

What if they did that on the second date?  The third?  Would there be a third date?  Probably not.  

If all you talk about is YOUR business, that’s what your client feels, bored and this when people feel ‘spammed’ or bothered.  

Consumer behaviour has changed drastically over the last 6 months.

It’s no longer enough to just have a Facebook Business page and no website.  It’s no longer enough to just post once every two days on the Social Channels.  It’s no longer enough to periodically advertise on traditional channels.  

What you did last year, even last month is probably not having the same results.

In fact, I am assuming are you are wanting even more sales and revenues for next year? Correct?

Well, that is what The Profit Formula is for.

So, let’s recap.  

Step 1.  Attract New.

The ONE thing you need to know here is that someone needs to see your business, your brand, your face, your name, at least 15 times before they even entertain the thought of looking for you online and then seeking you out.

Step 2.  Increase Your Average Sale

A new or additional sales strategy will need to be in place in order for you to increase your average invoice.  

Step 3.  Increase the LifeTime Value

This is all about creating long term relationship with your clients and this is ALL ABOUT YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE as well as how you are communicating in between their visits.  

Newsletters will no longer have the same effect.  

You will need a Content Marketing Plan with a strategy on how to implement that.

As you read these 3 steps ….

What do you think your business would look like if you implemented the above steps?

Now that we have given you 3 Ways to Generate Even More Sales and Money next year, what’s next?

We would like to invite you to a Profit Formula Webinar.  Where we discuss the 3 Steps in greater detail and share with you some of the ways you can implement these simple strategies in your business immediately.

Go Here to sign up for the webinar.

Here is some of what you will learn in the webinar.

  1. Proven ways to design and build advertising that works to attract new clients.
  2. The Move Towards and Move away from motivators that might be preventing your clients from wanting to purchase from you.
  3. Some simple tactics that will help your sales team from being afraid of appearing to be too pushy or salesy.
  4. How to decide what Social Platform is best to be on and what to measure.  It’s no longer about the number of likes or shares you have on your pages.
  5. How to figure out what is stopping your clients from purchasing your products and services.
  6. Some great ninja tools that we use for our clients. Creating your content marketing plan doesn’t have to be complicated or feel like a science experiment.
  7. What exactly has changed in consumer behaviourism and how you can use it to your advantage.
  8. Simple tips on how you can start thinking like a buyer and NOT LIKE a SELLER.  

and much, much, more.

This webinar is for you if you:

  • Want EVEN MORE sales in the next 12 months.
  • If what you have been doing in your marketing or advertising efforts isn’t working as much as you would like it to.
  • If you are a solo-preneur, small business owner or professional who wants to grow your practice.
  • If you are unsure of WHERE your ideal client is hangin out or what social platforms you should be on.
  • If you are dedicated to your business or practice.  What we will share won’t be rocket science but it will take some work and time to dedicate.

This webinar is NOT for you if:

  • You have more than enough sales in your business.
  • If you know how to track your ROI on your social channels.
  • If you understand the psychology of why OR WHY NOT your customers are purchasing from you.
  • If you have a great relationship building platform for your customers.

I would love to spend some time with you and share what we have done to build our million dollar businesses and how we have used those very same tactics to create even more sales in businesses like hotels, chiropractors, dentists, storefront boutiques and more.  


PS_ What would your life look like if you could implement some proven strategies to your business?  


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