The Easiest Way to Build Your Own Website

Here is our step-by-step guide on How to Create a Website

Step 1Choose a website building platform or Template

Three of the most popular site building platforms in 2016:

Image and data credit:

Image and data credit:

Our Recommendation:  

It is beginner-friendly and Search Engines LOVE it!


What Next:  

If you have chosen to build your website via WordPress, this guide will show you the easiest way to create a site.  You don’t need to download anything right now.  Proceed to Step #2



Choose a Domain Name & Web Hosting


Domain Name:  

A web address (like  Acts much like a house address allowing people to find your site.

How to choose your domain name:

  • Is it memorable?
  • Is it brandable?
  • Does it include your most relevant keywords?
  • Be creative with domain extensions while .com, .org and .net are commonly used they range from .agency to .pizza

Our Recommendation:

Name Cheap


Web Host: 

The service that connects your site to the internet.

What Next:  

Secure your domain name.  You can purchase more than one and have them all point to the same website.  If you name is available, buy it.  If you company name is available, buy it.  If your keywords are available, buy them. 

You don’t need Web Hosting until the site is built, so we can wait on that for now.


Create your WordPress Website


The five steps to install WordPress…

  1. Download the latest version of WordPress from
  2. Upload those files to your web server, using FTP.
  3. Create a MySQL database and user for WordPress.
  4. Configure WordPress to connect to the newly-created database.
  5. Complete the installation and setup your new website!

Customize Your Site:

  1. Choose a Template
  2. Customize the Template
  3. Add your content.
  4. Host the website.

Life Hack:

Skip the 5 steps to install WordPress and Jump right to choosing a Template

Click Here To Choose
The Easy Way

1) Choose a Template

2) Send us your Content, Colors & Logo

 3) See Your Site in 3 Days. 

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