Why A Marketing Plan Is Not Enough

Strategy. Action. Results

Strategy. Action. Results

Some of you may be aware that in my spare time I am amateur Body Builder.  I say Amateur as there are Professionals out there.  I do compete in Women’s Bodybuilding and I do it for fun, it is not something that I get paid for 🙂

I have learned many business lessons from Body Building.  One of the most important lessons of all time for me was the importance of dreaming, the importance of SETTING a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and most of all how all of it doesn’t come together without taking action.  

Imagine this, I decide I want to compete in Bodybuilding and I write down what I want, I hire the best personal trainer out there, I meditate over it, I visualize winning, I buy the posing suit, pick out the music I want to pose to, build the routine I want to pose to, I build inspirational sayings all over my house and every day I say “I AM a bodybuilder”.  I do that day after day.  The burning question I have for you is; do you think I will succeed?

Now, most people would think- YES. I have everything well thought of, well planned.  I have a great PLAN. What if I told you that there is no way in hell I would be successful.  What?  You gasp?  How is that so.  Well, let me tell you what’s missing.  PUTTING THE PLAN TO ACTION!

Now, many of you are probably smiling when you read this.  Some of you will be saying, well – duh!  Of course you have to DO SOMETHING with the plan.  Look around you though and observe how often this happens.  In business so many people forget that TAKING ACTION on the plan is the most important key.  As a business owner if you had to borrow money from a bank, you needed a business plan.  If you have been around us for any amount of time you know we hammer the point home of – you need a strategic marketing plan.  The key to success though is taking action.  Doing what is IN the plan.  You can have the best plan ever and if you don’t take action on the plan.  If you don’t implement one of the steps that you planned, then success will not happen.  It cannot happen.

So, what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Step 1.  Create a marketing plan that includes a system and a process for advertising, networking, public relations and promotions and customer service.

Step 2.  Dive into your marketing plan and break it into 12 week chunks.  Ensure that there is Brand Consistency amongst all of the strategies in your plan.

Step 3.  Take action.

And the last step is to ensure that you have a system set up to measure your results.  Is your advertising working?  How do you know?  Are you creating loyal customers?  How do you know?

If you have never created a marketing plan before and want to increase your profits by up to 50% then contact us for your Free Discovery Session.  

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