Why Delayed Gratification Is Important In Business and In Life.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Delayed Gratification?

In today’s world of Tweets, IM, Posts, and texts it is quite easy to expect what you want, when you want it – Immediate Gratification.  Some are calling it the “Fast Food” mindset.  We are all becoming quite accustomed to the immediacy of our daily lives, so it’s no wonder when we think of delaying gratification it makes us uncomfortable.

Last week I had an amazing conversation with a gentleman who is from the era where you delayed immediate gratification in consideration to its future impact.  He made a great point that ‘in today’s world we think of a winter vacation as a RIGHT versus a privilege, we put what we want on credit cards with hopes of paying it off later’.  He shared a story about his families first European Vacation.  They saved for 3 years to be able to afford it.  Many years ago I would have dismissed what he said and questioned why they would wait so long to be able to afford it.  Now I am so grateful for the opportunity to hear what the wise people in my life have to say.   This is what I realized.

1.  I have never been really good at delayed gratification.

  • When I work out I want to see results immediately.
  • When I diet I want to lose all of my weight the first month
  • In business, I want clients NOW.

2.  As a business owner, in the past, I have felt entitled to other things.

3.  I see the of this desire for NOW everywhere, and the effects are staggering.  Businesses who believe that if they Tweet or post messages on Facebook or on their BLOG will have customers rushing to their business, immediately.

My ah- ha moment ….  

If I change the way I look at delayed gratification, the way I look at delayed gratification will change.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming we call this re-framing. So, the question for me is HOW. How do I change the way I look at it? And then it hit me. Delayed gratification is the opportunity for me to sow my seeds that I will reap at a later time. This later time is not always going to be defined by me. Rather, it will be defined by Divine (God, Spirit, Buddha, or whatever you choose). Yes, I can have a goal or an objective of X to move towards. Yet, I need to understand that I am not always ‘driving the bus’.  If I live my life in Integrity, in my Truth then all will work out the way it is supposed to.

Delayed gratification is not delayed at all.  I can be grateful for that day, that moment in time when I realize that I AM moving towards my end goal or objective.  Remain focused on the end goal.  Reframing will highlight what can be done differently not the deprivation.

Saying ‘no’ will start to feel like a choice, a chance to carefully examine the consequences of decisions.

In business, especially in Social Media, building trust and rapport takes time. Sure, it would be great if everyone could see how passionate we are about what we do and see how we could help them. (Instant gratification) What is important though is the building of these amazing relationships that may or may not turn into a business transaction. What is most important is the transformation that all of us can create together.

Again, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Are you good at delayed gratification?





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