Archive | June, 2012

Day 1 of Your Strategic Growth Plan

What an amazing experience with our first all Coach Strategic Growth Plan Class.  I feel blessed to have met such amazing people, each with their own unique gifts, skills and experience to share with the world. As a coach you need to get clear about your specific topic of expertise. Remember people buy products and […]

Strategic Growth Plan Class Under Way!

Well, we got through our technical difficulties tonight and had a great class. What a great group of individuals.  Totally dedicated to making their coaching business be a success.  Tonight they worked on the 8 questions that we ask in order for them to discover their ‘core’.  Some marketing experts refer to a USP – […]

How Can I Incorporate the “Law of Attraction” Into My Marketing?

How to Apply Law of Attraction in Marketing. 2 Things You Can Do Today to Apply the “Law of Attraction” to Your Marketing Plan! Are you a believer in the Law of Attraction? Do you believe that what you think about you will become? Or, are you a bit skeptical of the whole ‘Secret’ propaganda? […]

3 Simple Solutions To Increase Your Revenue By 33% or More

Strategic Tip #1 for Your Coaching Practice There are many different ‘ways’ you can increase your revenue in your coaching practice.  Here we are going to talk about 3 simple solutions that you can take action on TODAY! Before you start… You need to have a goal. This seems simple enough,  but so many Coaches have not yet written down their […]

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